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An attempt to respectfully differentiate the two using the tooth fairy to illustrate

A fascinating personality, Jordan Peterson speaks with great conviction and eloquence about matters of character, society, and symbolism. If you are unfamiliar with Jordan Peterson, I’d recommend checking out his website or this podcast describing him as an introduction to him. He is famous for speaking positively of the Bible…

A brief tutorial and a sample prayer through Psalm 103

After making the case that Israel’s divinely inspired hymnbook (i.e. the Psalms) is an excellent “instrument for theological instruction,” Tim Keller goes further in his book entitled The Songs of Jesus to describe them as something to be experienced. He says, ‘Psalms, then, are not just a matchless primer of…

Two quizzes to test the accuracy of your conceptions about the two parts of the Bible

Is the God portrayed in the New Testament the same God portrayed in the Old Testament? The stereotypes of a “fire and brimstone, wrathful” old testament god and a “love conquers all” new testament god are prolific in our culture. Consequently, it’s very hard to believe they are the same…

Let me remind you of the story of the people of Israel.

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Although I love reading historical/narrative psalms like this one because they provide excellent summaries of the bible, I don’t particularly enjoy rewriting them. It might be because I think it’s already pretty plainly written, as opposed to the more poetic psalms of prayer or exhortation. So I feel rewriting in…

If it could be measured in a distance, the width of the ever expanding universe wouldn’t even come close.

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I have referenced this psalm in two previous posts of mine (featured below) because this is probably my favorite psalm. Perhaps nowhere else in the psalms is God’s character described so beautifully. For a reliable translation, please see the ESV version.

Let me talk to myself for a minute. Self…

a thank you psalm.

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The original scripture indicates that this is a psalm for giving thanks. This clearly was written from a very high point. For a reliable translation, please see the ESV version.

Everyone around the Earth, be happy about God!

You should be singing when you come close to him. You should be joyful when you serve him.

He is Jesus, after all! The creator, owner, and orchestrator of all people.

Go into his city and be happy! Tell him thank you and wish him well!

Jesus is forever good, reliable, loyal, and loving.

Grant the Yeti

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