How is Jordan Peterson’s worldview different from traditional Christianity?

An attempt to respectfully differentiate the two using the tooth fairy to illustrate

Difference between him and traditional Christianity

  1. Thinking that the tooth fairy is made up and stupid
  2. Thinking that the tooth fairy is made up but worthwhile to pretend
  3. Thinking that the tooth fairy represents something deeply transcendent and wanting to comply your life with it as if it were true
  4. Recognizing that the tooth fairy is real and it is in your best interest to interact with it
  • the exclusivity and commitment to one God, Yahweh of the Bible, Jesus and his gospel
  • the personal interaction with a knowable God
  • an emphasis on prayer
  • a trinitarian view point
  • miracles of any kind, like healing, or anything supernatural. I should point out that he did acknowledge that he is open to exploring the historicity of Jesus’s resurrection.
  • involvement in a church body

Main learnings

  • Who dares to say they believe in God? A mighty bold thing to say because if you actually meant it your life better look different.
  • A great call to responsibility and personal ownership, and acknowledgement of the evil we see in the world is inside of us, and that we need to start here. We are no better, no different than the others we might see or think as terrible
  • Relational conflict can be a good thing for the long game if done right
  • There’s deep symbolism in the biblical narrative, and this makes it the evermore compelling to me
  • An appreciation for others’ worldviews and philosophies. There’s something deeply transcendent that has echoed throughout the generations of humanity, and it would be in our best interest to explore these echoes because it is exploring our history — it is exploring ourselves.
  • An big emphasis on being precise in speech
  • A deep acknowledgement that life is suffering, and anything more that’s pleasant is abnormal
  • He models a person of deep conviction, yet someone who is an excellent listener



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