Psalm 1 — The Yeti Version

Good Men vs Bad Men

Grant the Yeti
1 min readJun 23, 2021

As a meditative exercise, I am rewriting parts of the bible in my own words. For this chapter, I chose to rewrite it verse by verse, with each paragraph representing a single verse. I had a few issues with biblical words like sinner and blessed and struggled to find a replacement metaphor for the tree, but overall I feel like I captured the essence of things pretty well in words that I would use in conversation. Please let me know if you have any feedback or recommendations. For a reliable translation, please reference the ESV Version.

It is good for a man to ignore the words of bad men, avoid doing what they do, and refrain from their unhelpful, excessive criticism.

Instead, he enjoys thinking about and doing what God says.

It’s like he can come out of any storm or drought strong, helpful, and content because he’s connected to something more powerful.

He’s so different than bad men who project strength but crack under a little pressure.

If they are inspected with any scrutiny, all will see they only deserve pity.

God is with these good men, but it won’t end well for those bad men.



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