Psalm 10 — The Yeti Version

He is a bloodthirsty stalker!

Generally, I try to replace the metaphors I find in these psalms with new ones or provide an explanation as a replacement. However, I decided to keep the lion metaphor in verse nine because it was pretty timeless and self-explanatory. This psalm also contains a particularly long exposition of the prototypical evil man, which I think is fairly unusual for the Psalms. For a reliable translation, please see the ESV version.

Jesus, why are you so far away? Why do you hide when I need you most!

Evil and arrogant men pray on the poor — please let their plans backfire!

Evil men brag about what they want as if it were inevitable to happen, and the selfish pushes God away and curses him out.

He deliberately ignores God like a prideful fool.

And he does pretty well for himself and mocks those who want to hurt him — all the while and unbeknownst to him you’ve already decided his fate.

He thinks he’s invincible and immortal!

He is one crooked man! All he does is lie, steal, hurt, and cheat.

He sets traps for the poor and weak. He’s a bloodthirsty stalker.

He hunts down and kills them like a lion!

So many have died because they don’t stand a chance!

The evil man thinks he’s safe because God forgot about the poor!

Get up, Jesus! Don’t forget about them.

The evil man thinks you’ll never avenge them!

But you see and keep track of everything for administering proper justice! You help the poor, weak, and fatherless!

Punish the evil one till no evil remains!

Empires rise and fall, but Jesus is the eternal king!

Jesus, you listen to what hurting want and give them courage. You hear all sides of every story and will write the wrongs done to the marginalized. The reign of the evil men will come to an end!



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