Psalm 108 — The Yeti Version

Your loyal love and faithfulness is through the roof

Grant the Yeti
2 min readFeb 11


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This one starts out with pretty confident praise and self-justification. It then transitions into calling out God’s specific territorial promise and asking for him for military help. It ends on a desperate note of someone who wants to regain divine assistance. Strange transition if you ask me. What is interesting here is that the second half of this psalm is the same as the second half of Psalm 60. It’s interesting because I did not realize this until after I rewrote it. This time around, I embraced the more specific language and interpret the quote from God to be more of a promise that he is entitled to rather than a statement that God controls everything. For a reliable translation, please see the ESV version.

My consistent devotion to you is unwavering. I’m all in for you. I will sing my heart out for you.

My instruments better be ready to be played because I’m waking up the world with my songs.

I’m going to celebrate you in front of everyone.

Your loyal love and faithfulness is through the roof.

Please don’t stop yourself from being celebrated, God. You deserve it!

Do what you do, save those you love, show your strength! Please, I’m asking you.

God, you gave us this special promise: “I will gladly give you the cities of Shechum and Succoth.

Gilead and Manasseh belong to me. Ephraim and Judah serve great functions for me.

I wash my hands in Moab, and Edom is where I put my shoes. In Philistia I just like to assert my dominance.”

As a military leader, I’m wondering who will help me conquer Edom.

Last I checked, you do not support our military conquest, God. Is that still true?

Please help us out here because we cannot save ourselves.

But with you we would have nothing to worry about because you do all the work for us.



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