Psalm 111 — The Yeti Version

Acrostic Poem About God

Grant the Yeti
2 min readMar 4


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An acrostic poem is one where each line starts with subsequent letters of the alphabet. This psalm was an acrostic Hebrew poem. Most translations, including the ESV version (which I recommend as a reliable one) do not attempt to make their translation an acrostic poem. Instead, they capture the meaning of each verse. I decided to give myself the challenge of capturing the meaning of the verse and starting each first with the successive letters of the English alphabet. Admittedly it’s a little clunky, but I had fun doing it.

All the people with integrity at church will watch as I give God the biggest thank you I can muster. Hallelujah!

Beauty and power describe the way God acts — ask any God enthusiast!

Call it whatever you want, but I call it exuberant, eternal glory!

Dedicated to his craft, God make sure his wonders, mercy, and grace are remembered.

Every God revering person shall be fed because God keeps his promises.

Faithful to his promise to Abraham, he powerfully delivered the promised land into their hands.

Give him credit — all he does is what he says he will do. He’s fair and trustworthy.

His eternal rules for thought and behavior should be followed with integrity!

In setting his people free and giving them an eternal contract, he has established the nature of his character as completely different and awe inspiring.

Just being awestruck before God will put you and keep you on the right path towards wisdom and understanding. God will forever be celebrated!



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