Psalm 112 — The Yeti Version

Acrostic Poem about a Godly Man

Grant the Yeti
2 min readMar 11


Photo by Javier García on Unsplash

This acrostic poem pairs with the previous psalm, which talks about God primarily. This one focuses more on the man who is godly. Again, I attempted to translate the meaning of each verse into my own words and also have each verse start with the successive letter of the alphabet. Unlike the previous psalm, I decided to make all verses follow a similar pattern. I’m not sure what the Hebrew feels like to read, but when I read the English Standard Version (which I recommend as a reliable version), each verse feels fairly independent. Almost like a list. This made me comfortable rewriting it like I did.

Awe and delight — these are the best attitudes towards God and his commandments. Hallelujah!

Brave, powerful, and successful — these describe his children with integrity!

Countless assets — these he uses to eternally do what he wants.

Dramatic provision, grace, and consistency — this is God!

Every action done with generosity and equality — this makes you succeed in life!

Forever stable and remembered — this you shall be if you live with integrity.

Gloom and doom — these you will not fear when God is your foundation.

Heart patient and resolute — this is what you’ll have waiting for your a day in the sun.

Integrity and generosity — this is the path to eternal importance.

Jabbing disappointment, anger, and frustration — this is what bad men experience in the end.



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