Psalm 22 — The Yeti Version

Jesus! Jesus! Why have you abandoned me?

Grant the Yeti
3 min readJul 25, 2021

It was unclear to me at verse twenty-two whether he actually got out of the trouble before he started saying all the good things about God. I figured he didn’t. This one is also interesting because of all the ties to Jesus — both the parts that Jesus quotes and the prophecies which he fulfills in this psalm. For a reliable translation, please see the ESV version.

Jesus! Jesus! Why have you abandoned me? I’m crying out in pain now, but you’re nowhere to be seen!

I have been crying out in pain for days now, but all I get is radio silence — little comfort in the dead of night!

But I know you’re different than all others who have left me.

You were there for countless generations of believers.

You ultimately didn’t let them down.

But who am I to deserve your love! I’m worthless, and everyone hates me.

And to make it worse, people just laugh when they hear me praying.

They shout, “If Jesus loves you so much, why hasn’t he saved you?”

But I know that you’ve been with me since the beginning, even as a kid you watched over me and taught me how to trust you.

Even from the womb you knew me!

So don’t leave me now when I’m in trouble and out of options.

Ogres surround me on all sides,

ready to tear me apart.

I am a whimpering, hurt puppy dog:

unable to even crawl to help.

A pack of wolves stand over me, and they have wounded my hands and feet.

I am just skin and bones now, and they are loving it.

They’re even discussing who gets to keep the clothes I am wearing, using dice to settle disagreements.

So Jesus any time you’re ready would be great! Now is the time to swoop in and save the day!

Save me from this pack of wolves!

Save me from this band of ogres! You’ve done it before!

If I make it out of this, I’ll tell everyone my story, giving you all the credit!

Everyone who reveres Jesus, keep it up! Celebrate him and bask in his glory!

He never ignores the cries of the hurting, he doesn’t hate people who have been trampled on.

Jesus, give me a song to sing and I will sing it to you before anyone who will listen.

The broken will get to share a great meal with Jesus. Anyone looking for him will find him and love who they find — eternal life!

People from every part of the earth will turn from everything else to focus on and adore Jesus!

From now till the end of the world, people will yield to Jesus.

What he started he will finish — generations of unborn people will celebrate him!



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