Psalm 37 — The Yeti Version

Count on Jesus, and he’ll reward you over the bad people

Grant the Yeti
3 min readAug 10, 2021


This one reminded me of an old man giving a somewhat repetitive encouragement to the next generation. And it goes something like this: good people, the upright, people with integrity, the meek, the gentle, the humble, should keep running their race. They’ll be rewarded, others punished. For a reliable translation, please see the ESV version.

Don’t worry about what bad people are doing, and definitely don’t be envious of them!

There’s no real substance to their lives, and that’ll become apparent sooner or later.

Just focus on following Jesus — live your life relying on the promises of God.

Find joy in who Jesus is, and God will give you what you want.

Make decisions that count on Jesus to act, and he will.

And there’s no need to publicize your decisions because in due time your character will be celebrated.

Find peace in those decisions knowing that he will act and don’t worry if someone else seems more fortunate than you or is cutting corners to get ahead.

Don’t let yourself get angry or vengeful over them. Getting all riled up for that usually is just unproductive.

People cheating the system will get what’s coming to them eventually, and the right people will win in the end.

Just you wait and see. One day, the bad guys will be long gone.

Only gentle and humble people will remain in delightful peace.

The bad guys will always come after the good,

but the guy in charge just finds it funny because he knows the ending.

They’re making all these plans to plunder the poor and kill the moral,

but all their plans will backfire.

The people with integrity who have little are in a better situation than bad people rolling in success.

Again, the bad will fall but the good will be strengthened.

Jesus is orchestrating the lives of his people — their legacy will continue.

Even in rough times, they will be good.

Unlike those bad people! They’ll have temporary success, but they will forever falter.

They just keep taking from others, falsely promising to return their favors. On the other hand, Jesus followers have patterns of generosity.

In turn, they’ll be rewarded and the takers will have nothing.

Love how Jesus does things? Follow his example? God will strengthen your pursuits.

You may stumble, but he will help you back up.

I’ve lived a long life, and I’ve seen this to be true with these individuals and their children. Nobody forsaken.

I’ve only seen them and their children live generous lives.

It’s simple. Stay clear of evil, keep doing good, and you’ll live forever.

Why? Because Jesus loves justice. He’ll keep rewarding his people and punishing the bad.

His people are set!

God’s peoples' speech is filled with justice and wisdom.

It’s because they are filled with the law of God. And so, they walk steady.

To reiterate, bad people want to kill good people.

But Jesus will defend them.

0I’ve seen this time and time again. Bad guy going hard,

but he crashed and burned.

Watch and see. Men of peace and integrity will win in the end.

Bad guys will lose.

Jesus saves the people with integrity when they run to him.

Because they run to him, he saves them big time!



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