Psalm 69 — The Yeti Version

Please don’t ghost me when I need you most!

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This prayer to God is extremely raw and sometimes very violent. David is in tremendous pain and is bearing all of it to God. I picture him saying it walking down a dark and scary road. Yet, there is a trust that God will come through only because God is merciful. In exasperation he pretty clearly states that sacrifices are secondary to adoration. The prelude also indicates that this psalm is set to the “lilies” — interesting for such a dark psalm. For a reliable translation, please see .

Save me, God! Don’t think I have much time left.

It’s like I’m stuck in quicksand. It’s like I’m caught in a dangerous riptide.

My voice is hoarse I’ve been shouting for help for so long. I can barely keep my eyes open looking for God.

I’ve lost count of the number of people trying to slander me or just plain kill me. What did I do wrong to deserve this?

I’m not exactly blameless — God, you know all my shortcomings — but I don’t think I deserve this.

God, people depend on you — don’t let them down! There are also people who depend on you through me — don’t let them down either!

I’m doing this all for you, God! I’m enduring all this crap for you.

It’s come to the point that even my brothers have abandoned me.

People hate me for just being passionate about you.

They see me crying to you when I’m fasting as a reason to criticize me.

When I changed my clothes because I was repenting, they talked about it among themselves with contempt.

I’m literally the talk of the town, But not in a good way! Drunk people make songs about me. It’s that bad.

But in all this, I never want to leave you, Jesus. Whenever is good for you, only because of your patient love, please respond to my prayers.

Save me from this quicksand, these killers, this riptide!

Don’t let me drown! Don’t let me be buried alive!

I know you’ll do something because your patient love is so good! Have mercy on me, Jesus!

Please don’t ghost me when I need you most! Help me quickly!

Come close to me, set me free, purchase my freedom! The bad guys are coming quickly.

You know what I’ve had to endure — all of the criticism and embarrassment — I don’t need to tell you what they’ve done to me!

They have pretty much destroyed me. I’ve asked for help, but no one has.

Instead, they use my requests as opportunities to attack me.

Give them hell, God! Take their safe places and comfortable times away! Use them as ways to attack them back.

Make them blind! Make them weak!

Focus all of your righteous anger on them!

Burn their home to the ground!

They hijack things that you do for their own purposes and entertainment.

Give them only punishment and no forgiveness!

I know you keep a record of everyone alive — completely erase them from that record and any record that keeps track of good people!

Don’t forget about me! Please save me because I am in tremendous pain.

I will always celebrate and thank you! I want everyone to see you.

This matters more to Jesus than any sacrifice of meat I could give him.

When your humble people see that you save me, they will celebrate! Everyone looking for God, keep your heads up!

Jesus hears us! He hears people who are in need and will not abandon his people to slavery.

Everything in the sky on the earth and in the water, anything that has breath or just moves should celebrate Jesus!

God will save and strengthen his people in cities around the world.

His people have a wonderful inheritance!



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