Psalm 72 — The Yeti Version

King Solomon’s hopeful prayer for his reign

Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash

There are multiple ways to read this psalm, but what seems to make sense is that this is King Solomon’s prayer that his reign is honoring to God and good for all people (except for people who hate God). I picture him writing this looking over his kingdom and reflecting upon his father’s reign over Israel. What’s interesting about this one though is that the last verse is actually a footnote in the original text saying that this portion of the psalms (mostly written by David) is done. For a reliable translation, please see the ESV version.

God, just like you are just and fair, please make the king of Israel always know what to do.

It’s your people after all — both the rich and the poor — he will govern over. So, let’s hope he will be a fair and impartial judge.

I hope there will be enough natural resources for all of your peoples’ ambitions, as is fitting for your people!

I hope he will protect the poor, nourish the needy, and eliminate our enemies.

Speaking of our enemies, I hope they never forget how powerful he is — long live the king!

I hope his reign will be refreshing and providential — just like consistent rainfall for a harvest.

Under his reign, I hope good people succeed and times of peace never stop.

I hope he gains control of the entire earth.

Including the desert nations — that way our enemies living there will go thirsty!

Including all of the coastal cities — it would be great to receive gifts from there too.

I hope all nations recognize him as king.

After all, he’s a good king! He notices the needs of the needy and takes action. He helps the helpless!

The suffering of the poor truly moves him to action — he has saved many of their lives!

He set people free from slavery and violence — he regards them with the upmost dignity.

Long live the king! Give him presents! Pray for him!

I hope their agriculture flourishes and their population multiplies.

I hope generations and generations to come will regard him as the best king ever — one who benefited all nations.

I hope everyone thanks Jesus who does wonderful things!

I hope generations and generations of people all around the world will celebrate him forever.

…and that’s it for David’s prayers!



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