Psalm 79 — The Yeti Version

There were too many dead bodies and nobody willing to take care of them.

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

Shorter but equally dark as Psalm 78, this one seems to be written from the perspective of a faithful someone enduring the climax of the previous psalm. For a reliable translation, please see the ESV version.

God, people from all around the world have ruined your special project — your people, your land.

They destroyed everything and killed just about everyone — no proper burials… instead, people were left to be eaten by animals.

There were too many dead bodies and nobody willing to take care of them.

We are a disgusting joke to people all around the world.

How long will you be mad at us, Jesus? I understand that you acted the way that you did because you were jealous, but do you have to stay that way forever?

Or at least could you be mad at people who don’t love you — who never heard of you, who don’t rely on you?

I mean, the tribes of your nation are being decimated.

Please don’t count our previous mistakes against us! We need your mercy now! We have been humbled.

Help us God! You’re our only hope. Do this to show how great you are! Set us free and pay for our mistakes to show how great you are!

You wouldn’t want the other nations wondering why you abandon us, would you? Show that no one can attack us without you taking revenge.

Would you please just listen to your people? We are crying on death row in chains.

Please take revenge on everyone who has been punishing us — give them what they gave us except for more!

Regardless though — we are your people, and we will thank you for generations to come.



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