Psalm 84 — The Yeti Version

Wherever you are, I love being there.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

You may be familiar with the song lyrics: “Home is wherever I’m with you”. This song is that towards God. For a reliable translation, please see the ESV version.

Wherever you are, I love being there.

Whether it’s your house or your courtroom, I want to be there — I need to be there! You are alive! You are alive! You make me so happy.

From the biggest to the smallest creatures on this earth, we all call someplace home. King Jesus, I call your church home.

It is so good to live in your house — we get to sing songs to you all day.

It is so worth it to rely on you for strength and to wholeheartedly want heaven to come to earth.

It makes traveling through the darkest of places as refreshing as a cool bath.

It makes you stronger and stronger each day until you meet God face to face.

Jesus, God of my fathers and king of all things, please listen to me!

Look at how we rely on you for everything. We are your children — look at us!

We would rather spend one day with you at work then spend a thousand days doing anything else. I would rather be your houses security guard than live in mansions with evil people.

I say this because Jesus is like the sun and an unbreakable shield, and he doesn’t keep good things from people with integrity.

Jesus, it is so good to rely on you!



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