Psalm 91 — The Yeti Version

God: “I’ll save him because he knows me and relies on me.”

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This one sounds most like the of all of the psalms I’ve read recently. Really makes you think what God means by he will protect you. Plus, at least in the English Standard Version you get a lot of cool old words like fowler, pestilence, pinions, buckler, & adder! For a reliable translation, please see .

God’s shelter is his shadow!

I will keep on saying to Jesus, “I rely on you for my defense.”

God will get you out of any problem — no matter how trapped you might feel.

He will wrap you up in his arms and defend you to the end.

So you don’t need to be afraid of the dark or even of people who attack during the day.

Day or night time — he’s got you.

Everyone else might fall by the wayside, but you’ll be good.

You’ll get to watch the bad guys get punched in the face.

All because you rely on Jesus for your defense just like me.

You’ll be invincible.

God will send angels to defend you.

They’ll get you through any tough situation.

Surrounded by lions, tigers, and bears? No problem.

This is God’s take on the matter: “I’ll save him because he knows me and relies on me.

When he is in trouble, when he calls my name, I’ll be there. I’ll be there.

I will ensure he will live a long and satisfying life — demonstrating my power to sustain and save.”



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