Psalm 97 — The Yeti Version

His reign is built upon integrity and justice!

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This one focuses on how God is a good king, how people should celebrate that, and how nature is already celebrating. For a reliable translation, please see .

Jesus is King! Get pumped everyone!

His reign is built upon integrity and justice! He is so unique and powerful that clouds billow around him.

His enemies are torched by the ring of fire that encircles him.

The very earth trembles before Jesus as he shoots lightning around the globe.

Mountains themselves bend to the will of Jesus!

The sky above celebrates his integrity and importance in front of everyone.

People worshiping anyone or anything else should be embarrassed — everything else is worthless in comparison! All spiritual beings and people should worship Jesus!

Your people know this. Your people are happy to do this. They know how you rule, Jesus.

There’s no one better than you — no other god that can compare to you.

Everyone who loves Jesus should hate evil. He protects us from evil.

Good things (like light and happiness) are coming for those with integrity.

People with integrity, celebrate and thank Jesus!



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